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New EX-6 Features


Continuous Recording
The EX-6 now supports long-term continuous real-time recording for applications such as tomography and seismic interferometry. Once triggered, the EX-6  transmits and displays the incoming data in real-time. Data is written to file after a programmable interval ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The system can record continuously for hours limited only by the available disk space.


Mesa Scrip Support
The EX-6 now supports the use of Mesa script files for controlling the operation of the EX-6 in 3D surveys. The EX-6 reads Mesa script files and uses the line and station information in the script file to configure the active portion of the EX-6 spread.  An editor is provided to allow changes to be made in the shooting pattern without having to generate a new script file.


EX-12 Seismograph

Seistronix introduces the EX-12 exploration seismograph. The EX-12 is a distributed system based on the technology used in the EX-6. With 12 channels per box, the EX-12 reduces the the number of boxes, cables and batteries by half. Read more here





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